Caress Of Creation

…momentous streak of dancing air


… Well It started when I entered a Fashion design competition in which all the design students were assigned an element as their inspiration.  Upon finding out that i had been assigned “AIR”;  almost Immediately a short story that I had written a few years prior came into memory. The story, entitled “My Blue Suede shoes” was a true account of a a conversation that I had with a friend as a teenager. 

My writings describe a pair of blue suede platform shoes that I brought as a young girl because I felt that they were really cool and that I also never wore because they were not in style; as I was afraid of being teased by my peers. Toward the end of the story I learn that my friend who noticed them in my closet and joked about them not being “in stye” or “cool” enough to wear;  had actually secretly  liked the shoes as well but she also felt she couldn’t wear them because of what our peers would say. 

During this conversation with my friend, an intense yet swift wind blew against my face and to this day that very specific moment; … how the air felt, smelled and even the angle of the glaring sun, albeit seemingly insignificant at the time; to this day; has been branded into my memory along with the lesson that I learned in that moment. Now whenever a breeze passes with that same smell and feel, it always brings my mind to that now momentous streak of dancing air and reminds me that the confidence to embrace your own individuality is key to living a life of truth and fulfillment. My Garment is a tangible expression of the way the “AIR” felt to me on this day

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